06 September 2019

The 2nd International Ocean Camp in Taiwan I Part 1

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone.

      In 2018, there are five students from Faculty Resources Sciences and Technology (FRST), UNIMAS were chosen to become an Ambassador of UNIMAS to attend The 2nd International Ocean Camp in Taiwan. The goal of this project is to enhance the partnership among National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) and institutes as well as to promote the perception of Ocean and Maritime Science in general and Taiwan in particular.

The International Ocean Camp in NTOU is a ten-day program or 2-weeks period which started from 5 -14 December 2018. It targets participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam who are interested in the Ocean and Maritime science. The program provides the participants with interesting lectures, Chinese classes, and field trips to Northern Taiwan.

Five of us become the ambassador UNIMAS.

This program is all sponsored by National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) included registration fee covers all essential expenses such as accommodation hotel, Daily meals, Transportations, Lectures, Entrance tickets during the time of the camp. I was very excited when I am selected to join this program and become a representative of Biotechnology course from FRST, UNIMAS.

There are so many interesting activities that were held during the camp such as Mandarin classes and visiting culture places. 

1) Campus Tour

On the first day, after having breakfast in the hotel, we were brought to tour National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). The university is so big and near the beach. It is located at Keelung city where a places that famous with fishery industry and cargo ship transportations. We listen to the explanation by a tour guide about the history of the university. The university also had been conducted many research about marine biological science and resources management science.

In front gate of NTOU.

A little bit rainy here.

I am in the front of NTOU main building.

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU).

Listening to the history of the campus.
NTOU has 7 colleges which house a total of 22 undergraduate departments, 12 graduate institutes, 28 master program, and 20 PhD programs. The 7 colleges are :

a. College of Maritime Science and Management.
b. College of Life Sciences.
c. College of Ocean Science and Resource.
d. College of Engineering.
e. College of Electrical Engineering and Electrical.
f. College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
g. College of Ocean Law and Humanities.

2) Aquatic Animal Center of NTOU

We also got a chance to explore Aquatic Animal Center in NTOU where most the lab and rare fish was displayed here. We saw many different kinds of fish and the fish that was displayed are all caught from Taiwan sea.


With Indonesia and Vietnam friends.

They preserved fishes in the lab.

Aquatic animal center at NTOU.

3) Mandarin class

Besides, we also got a Mandarin class. The teacher taught us how to start a conversation in Mandarin such as asking the prices, numbers, and others. I am so impressed with Vietnam students as in their country, the Mandarin language had been taught to them since secondary school. That's why they were so pro in talking and understood well when the teacher was teaching about the basic things. Hmm.. I need to study the Mandarin language when I go back to Malaysia. A new checklist had been formed!!

Learning mandarin language.

Taking pic with Lao Sher (teacher).

4) Touring Keelung city

Keelung is a major port city situated in the northeastern part of Taiwan. It has bordered New Taipei with which it forms the Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area, along with Taipei itself. The weather is wet and frequent rainy in December. It is also known for the maritime role and it is Taiwan's second-largest seaport. We had a chance to walk around and taking pictures with big ships during our stay in Keelung city.
In front of the harbor.

Walking at night in Keelung city.

In the middle of city.
The city is always busy with people even though at night. I also got to visit Keelung night market and try their famous kinds of seafood. The cream crabs and shaved iced are also delicious. And don't forget their boba milk tea which is so creamy and delicious here. 

5) Visiting Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum

Next, we were brought to visit Yang Ming Museum. Yang Ming is the name of Taiwan ships company. In here, I learned about the transportation of foods supply such as apples, fish,  furniture, and others through cargo container. So, cargo transportation via sea route is important in the export and import industry in the country. There are so many specification details need to be obeyed before the ships pass sailing to the ocean. Learning this made me grateful for the maritime knowledge and how important the maritime industry in supplying our foods to us.

Yang Ming ship details.

Yang Ming ships.

Taking pictures in an art gallery of the museum.

Malaysia squad with the instructor.

6) Making Tuna kimbap

Next, we were brought to a room where we learn how to make tuna kimbap. They prepared a bowl of rice, triangle shapes container, tuna paste and a plastic wraps. Then, they teach us how to shape the rice into a triangle shape. After putting some tuna-paste in the rice, we were taught to wrap nicely in plastic. It was interesting activities to do. And that's it. Tuna kimbap is our dinner for the day! haha..

Making kimbap tuna.

Enjoying making tuna.

My kimbap tuna.

Yeayyhhhh! We had succeeded in making tuna kimbap.

It was such a good experience. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 2nd International Ocean Camp which there a lot of other activities that I want to share during my stay in Taiwan. See you then..

Thank for reading!


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