15 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Our room in Hwangto-gwan dormitory

Hello, guys!

             In KNU summer camp program, my friend and I had stayed in Hwangto-gwan dormitory in Kyungpook National University (KNU). The building is so tall and big. The dormitory is like an apartment. There are three rooms and two beds in each room. So, total of 6 persons can occupy the apartment. The apartment is so comfortable because it had complete accommodation such as a refrigerator, washing machine, toilet, microwave, hot water, and iron clothes.

My housemates

Actually, this apartment are used by both gender boys and girls. But they are separated by 1st to 5th floor only used by boys. Meanwhile, 6th to 8th floors are only for girls. It is forbidden to both genders to go others floors mention. Even there are two elevators that separated. One for girls and another only ride for boys. There are a lot of CCTV camera here. In the basement, there is a gym and computer rooms.

I am in front of Hwangto-gwan building. My eyes look up because the dormitory building so big.

The building is so big.

In each room, it has two beds, two cupboards, and two tables. They also provided pillow and blankets for us. My roommate is a Chinese from China country. Her name is Yu Kai Lai. She so friendly and always focus when I talked to her in English. Once she told me that she loved Durian but it kind expensive in her country. When I want to pray, I will let her know first and she says it's okay she understand it. I am glad that I had a kind roommate and friendly roommate.

My room in Hwangto-gwan dormitory.

My bed and table.

Other bed and table.

My roommate, Kai Lai as a model.

My food supply which is banana milk, eggs, tuna, rice, biscuits, bread and mineral bottle in the refrigerator.

My sugar cracker biscuits and tea in refrigerator.

So many banana milks because I love banana milk. There is sugar GULA also to put in my tea.

Our refrigerator.

Besides that, outside of the apartment they also provided iron boards and microwave. We can take hot water and cold water from filter water machine. Usually, I took hot water to make tea and eat with my biscuits when I was hungry in the midnight.

The iron board is provided in 8th floors in front of the elevator.

The microwave also provided in 8th floors.

Vending machine.

Our Korean buddy explained to us how to used printer machine in dormitory building.

The dormitory building is so beautiful during sunset.

Lastly, I had a wonderful stay in KNU dormitory. I felt safe and comfortable to sleep and spent my whole night here. If I had any problem, my Korean buddy would also approach me first asking and helping me. Thank you to KNU staff and korean frineds for having and take care of us during our stay in Korean. I really appreciate it. That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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