20 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Excursion to Busan

Hi, guys.

On Saturday, we usually went on a day trip outside of Daegu. This time we excursion to Busan. We gathered at KNU Global Plaza at 9am and went there by bus. Breakfast is provided on the bus with bread and oranges juice. Our journey from Daegu to Busan only takes 1 hours 10 minutes.

Busan is located at the Southeast of Korea and second most popular city after Seoul, with a population of over 3.5 million people. It is most known for its beautiful Haeundae beach and delicious kinds of seafood. Many movies had been filmed here such as Train to Busan, Ode to My Father and The Thieves. We only managed to visit four places which are Busan museum of movies, Gukje market, Gamcheon culture village, and Busan downtown.

Busan in South Korea maps.

1) Busan downtown

The first thing we do in Busan is walking around and looks at their big building. We toured their big city that consists many famous shops such as Innisfree, Etude House, Tony Moly, Missha, and Olive &Young. We enter the shops had some shopping clothes, bag, and skincare here. There are a lot people as we came here during weekends. There is also some performers, random dance and buskers on the path that we walked by through this Busan downtown.

Busan downtown.

Etude House and Banila Co.

Street shops.

Busan downtown street.

Busan street.

Tonymoly and Holika Holika shops.

Skincare shop just like Watsons and Guardian.

2) Gukje market.

In Gukje market, we can try Korean side dish food such as kimbap, pancakes, hotteok, and teokbokki. I also bought some souvenirs here. The keychain and Korean fans are cheap here. Gukje market is famous and had been filmed in Ode To My Father movies. You guys should watch the movies because the line stories are amazing as it told about a son who protects his family and the store while waiting for their father to come back after missing so long ago.

Teokk-bokki and dumpling.


Potato chips.

The store that was filmed in Ode to My Father movies.

In the middle of Gukje market.

 3) Busan Museum of Movies.

After that, we visited Busan Museum of Movies. The museum contains exhibition halls, experience halls, and a VR theater. Visitors can experience cutting-edge technologies for filming, film production, and 3D cinema. There is also an illusion tunnel, hand printing, photo zone and programs for kids.

Taking picture in 3D photozones.

I have only my head. My legs had gone.

Blue squad in Busan.

4) Gamcheon culture village.

Lastly, we went to Gamcheon Culture village. It is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain. The area is known for its steep streets, twisting alleys, and brightly painted houses. We got to see beautiful view of the houses and murals. After taking pictures, we were brought to an art cafe. Here, we learned how to make a cute candle. We decorate it by ourself. The substances were provided such as tiny tree, squid, stars, giraffe and other tiny dolls. We arrange it nicely in the cup glass. After that, we poured hot candle in the cup glass and waited for it to become hard. 

In front of the door gate of Gamcheon culture village.

The scenery is so beautiful.

Gamcheon culture village.

Fizah, me and Ping.

Busan is a must place to visit because they had various attraction places and delicious foods. Then, we went back home and arrived in our dorm at 5pm. Next time, I want to come again to Busan and visit other famous places such as Jagalchi market, Haeundae beach, and Nampodong market. It such a wonderful journey.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Gamcheon culture village. I love the view. maybe next time i'll head over there.

  2. cantik nya bandar. Full of culture, nice sharing..

  3. you're so lucky! I wish I can go to Korea someday :)

  4. dulu pergi tak sampat nak singgah gamcheon tu ..


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