14 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Korean Language Class

Hello guys!

        In Korea summer camp program, we can choose which class we can enter in these 3-weeks period. There are many option class we can take such as Data structure, Intelligent system, Korean language, International economics, Introduction to management and Time series data analysis. My friend, Fizah and I choose to learn Korean language. During the summer program, the schedule is like this. We need to attend class in the morning from 9.00am to 12.00pm. After that, its lunchtime where we eat and pray in our dorm. Around 2.10pm, we need to gather at Global plaza for our next activity which visiting other places outside the campus. And there is no activity at night so we can chill and relax while during revision for our next class. Sometimes at night, we toured the campus and stopped by a convenience store and cafe to eat dinner.

 Korean language class squad.

In Korean language class, there only 7 students taking this class included me and Fizah. So. we get taught by the teacher one-to-one more like a private class. The teacher's name is Prof Kim Youngmee and we called her Soen Seng Nim (선생님), it is a courtesy call for a teacher in Korea. She is so kind, cheerful, helpful and strict also. haha.. But I love the method that she taught us by explaining and asking questions to us. I could understand her easily especially in remembering the Korean words. Before this in other language class that I used to take before like Frances and Japanese language, I need to memorize the words by myself at home. But for this Korean language, I remembered the Korean words in the class instantly.

In the class, we don't have to worry about spending money to buy workbook or textbook because we don't have to buy it. As the teacher will give the handouts paper consist of notes and exercises. If you still want to buy the textbook, you still can buy it for the references. At the end of the class, we will get transferred three (3) credit to our home university for elective courses. In order to get three credits in KNU, students have to complete 45 hours of studies which is 3 hours X 15 days including exam period.

One of the building in Kyungpook National University.

Teacher is busy in teaching us.

 This is how the class looks like.

Seonsengnim is so pretty.

During our break time in class.

Taking picture in the class.

I love the way our teacher teach us because every 30 minutes of learning, she will give us a 5-minute break. We were allowed to go behind the class to look at the scenery through the ow as our class is 401 room on the 4th floors in Global Plaza building. There is no homework or exercise were given..haha... We only had quizzes, cultural presentation and final writing test in the last week.

 I love when teacher called me Ain shii (Cik Ain).

Group discussion with Jan in Kyungpook National University (KNU) library.

Jan is explaining his culture presentation.

I love this slide because there is me wearing colorful hanbok in blue hijab in left picture.

In the last class (19/07/2019), we celebrated our achievement in completing the korean language course and last gathering with our teacher. We felt so sad to end our class that day. So, teacher treat us brunch in our favourite cafe, the Lous Le Jours bakery in front of our university. Thanks seonsengnim!

From left is Fizah, me , Kai Lai, our teacher, Anastacia, Jacob, Jan and Chris.

Seonsengnim treats us brunch so I take Iced tea,breads and creampuff. So delicious!

Let's take a selfie with seonsengnim!!

Also in the last session, teacher says that this is her last class for her teaching because after this she will resign and follow her American husband to stay in America and travel the world. She says she already old and had a great time to teach foreigner students from all over the world. I am so touched because we are her last students. Lastly, I want to say thank you seonsengnim for teach us and be a great teacher for us and give me an opportunity to be one of your students.

 Thank you for reading!!

P/S : She says Malaysian student is one of the bright and cheerful students during her teach. She also says that I am the best student in the class.hehe.. I hope this post and writing reach to you. 


  1. hai ain. akak terjah blog ain mlm ni. done folo u.

    wow! kelas bahasa korea. terbaik lah.
    terkenang kan anak2 akak yg sibuk belajar bahasa korea dgn cikgu google.

  2. thumbs up! really admire those interested to take up 3rd langguage

  3. seronoknya dapat lec baik macam tu.. :-)

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