07 September 2019

The 2nd International Ocean Camp in Taiwan Part 3

Hai everyone.

This is the last post for The 2nd International Ocean Camp in Taiwan.

10) Research Lecture

Besides field trip activities, we also had a research lecture. Professor gives a talk about the current research that was conducted in NTOU and their vision in the future. Example research is about plankton, fish, science technology, marine science and others. They had an equipped laboratory and accommodation in the faculty to perform the experiments. We are so amazed by their advancements and improvement of quality equipments in research.

Lecture about research technology

Question and answer session.

Taking pic at the end of the lecture. Me in the pink at the first row, near with the Prof. I

I am glad to meet such honorable and acknowledgment people. These guys are always had a positive mind and a looking forward vision to make a better environment in the future.

11) Jiufen Old Street

Next, we were brought to Jiufen Old Street. The place is famous with visitors who came to visit Taiwan as they had many shops that sell gifts and souvenirs. I also bought several souvenirs from here such as keychains, fridge-magnet, and craft bag for my family. It also had stalls that sell traditional foods, drinks, and ice-cream. As we know, Taiwan is popular with boba milk tea. I also try boba milk tea in here and it very delicious and creamy. I wish I can come again!

Jiufen old street full with people.

Nuts snacks.

Seafood snacks.

We bought crab crunchy.

Taiwan boba milk tea is a must to buy.
Here, it also famous with guava juices. You can get a full glass of guava juice that contains the benefit of Vitamin C at a cheaper price. If we walking straight up to the hill a little bit, we could find a vending machine of postcard. We can choose postcard and sent it to our family. The postcard can be sent all around the world. It costs only 350 Taiwan dollar. I love to do this activity!

The postcard that I chose to send to my family in Malaysia.

Me with my fav boba milk tea.

My boba milk tea.

From left is me, Fizah and Iqram. We are from FSTS, UNIMAS.

12) Farewell dinner

Last but not least, our camp had come to the end. So we had a farewell dinner party in Hotel in Keelung City. The foods that were served are so delicious and friendly muslim foods as they served us seafoods and mushroom.

Shrimp noodles.


Mushrooms dish.


My certificate. I am so proud to myself for completed all the courses and activities in this camp.

The presidents of the NTOU also perform a singing to us. He also gives a speech on how they loved to collaborate more in the future with Asians country especially Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Yeah. Cheer up!

Let take pic altogether!

Bye-bye Taiwan. We will ride a flight to go back to Malaysia. See you again, Taiwan.

The international ocean camp really gives me a chance to develop myself to become a better person. At the end of the camp, I got valuable knowledge and more understanding about aquatic, biotechnology and maritime industry, especially in the marine research field. I had such a wonderful moment during my stay in Taiwan. Lastly, I just want to say thank you NTOU for having us. We are only an undergraduate student but they still treat us nicely and with kindness. Taiwan people are really kind. Also, thank you to UNIMAS Global for giving a chance for us student to explore and involved in this international camp. Thank you for everything!

Since this is international camp, so  I will write my post this time in English so that other people from around the world can read my experience in Taiwan and can take some benefit and tips from this post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post. Thanks for reading!

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