17 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Tea Ceremony & Hanbok wearing

Hi, guys.

         In KNU summer camp, we went to Seowon Confucian Academy. This is a spiritual birthplace of the Korean intellectual where the places that served scholars in learning Confucian system during the Joseon dynasty. Seonbi is the intellectual people who studied the works of Confucius and Mencius. They usually gathered for study in the Seowon. The Seowon was once a shrine commemorating a respected teacher or classical stage, a research institute for academic learning and a school for teaching and cultivating future scholars.

We wearing hanbok, Korean traditional wears.

In Seowon, we get a chance to try Hanbok, the Korean traditional wears. There are various type of hanbok such as hanbok for geisha, palace woman, king, queen, scholars, and princess that we could try. Besides that, we also get to experienced the tea ceremony that was taught by Seongseninm , a courtesy called for a teacher. She showed us how to brew, served and drinks Korean green tea in the right manner. We get to try the tea and some snacks such as mooncakes.

Tea ceremony.

Seonsengnim showed us how to poured the tea.

The tea and mooncakes.

Pouring the tea into a cup.

After that, we toured the Seowon' house and take a picture altogether while wearing hanbok. The traditional house is so pretty because it retains its original features from Joseon dynasty. Their wooden house showed the symbolic of design and art during Joseon dynasty especially the roof tiles design.

My girlfriends during stay in Korea.

Me and my korean buddy, Minseon

Taking picture with my second buddy, Yujin.

This hanbok is so pretty.

Walking around the culture village.

In front of the folk house.

I really had so much fun learning the tea ceremony and get a chance of wearing hanbok. It was an interesting activity and memorable experienced. If you guys come to Korea, don't forget to stop by at Seowon and experienced culture activities like this because you can get a different perspective and new experienced of Korea culture. That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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