16 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Visiting Gyeongju, Korea

Hello guys.

              In KNU Summer Camp, we had a chance to visit Gyeongju, Korea. Gyeongju is a place known as Seorabeol which was a capital of the ancient Kingdom of Silla that ruled about two-thirds of the Korean Peninsula between 7th and 9th centuries for about one thousand years. Later Silla was a prosperous and wealthy country. A vast number of archaeological sites and cultural properties from this period remain in the city. If you guys watch the Korean drama 'Hwarang'. The drama actually set during Silla dynasty.

We went to Gyeongju National Museum. The museum dedicated to the preservation of historical artifacts of Silla. It offers three permanent exhibition galleries including the Silla History gallery, Silla Art Gallery and Woiji Gallery and one Special Exhibition Gallery for feature programs. Besides that, there is much variety of exhibits such as Divine Bell of King Seongdeok and the Three-Stone Stupa from Goseonsa TemplaSites are on display in its Outdoor Exhibition areas.

The front counter in Gyeongju National Museum

We are ready to go to Gyeongju.
We went there by bus.

In the prehistoric age, the people of Gyeongju still used stone axes. We learn how society took shape gradually turning into a kingdom with political agendas. The Silla Dynasty began to take shape in the mid-4th century formed a king under the Maripgan's command. Maripgan's is a title denoting king or ruler in the early period of Silla. Silla had ample source of gold and it represented power and authority for the king and his family. Jijeung Maripgan declared the newfound kingdom Silla in 503 and changed his title from Maripgan to King. The King Jijeung continued to conquer nearby lands around the 6th century, centralizing power in the form of a true kingdom

The history is so interesting.

The warrior wears.

The gold earrings.

Jars and vases were displayed in the museum.

The left accessories and jewelry during Silla dynasty.

Other gold accessories.

The gold crown from Cheonmachong.

The ceramics.

The house replicate showing house during Silla Dynasty.

Me with the king.

The gold crown during Silla dynasty.

The indoor enterior of museum so beautiful.

In the afternoon, after having our foods, we went to a craft cafe. In there, we learned how to make lantern. We used colourful paper and glue to make the lantern. It was easy to make it. We also was served starwberry and green tea during our works in making lantern. Then, we asked other friend to write signature their name our lantern. It was such a memorable activities.

At the craft cafe to make lantern.

We gonna make a lantern.

After that, we were brought to Gyeongju’s Tumuli Park which consists of 23 large tombs, the most famous being that of Cheonmachong and Hwangnam Daechong. The tombs are burial mounds of the Silla Kingdom’s elite ruling class.

Taking photo between two tombs.

Korean people love to go to park during summer.

The park is so beautiful.

There is beautiful pond in Gyeongju’s Tumuli Park.

Me with my lantern.
Me, Kai Lai and Ping.

Fizah and I with our lantern.

We had so much fun in learning Gyeongju culture history and enjoy walking around the park. The museum is so amazing and if you come to Korea, do not miss the chance to visit Gyeongju as it had many historical and archeological site that we can learn and experienced. That's all for this post. Thanks for reading!

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