21 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : E-World Daegu Theme Park, Korea

Assalammualaikum and hi guys.

Since a child, I always want to experience extreme activities and go to the amusement park. And this is one of the best things in my life. Actually, visiting E-World Theme Park does not include in KNU Summer Camp schedule. My Korean buddies and other my friend had been planned this activity as all of us also want to experience new things. We went there by transportation bus by using T-money card. Around 4pm, we waited for the bus in front of KNU main gate.

For the ticket price to enter the E-World Daegu Theme Park, the price is various according to time and the type of person. There are three types of ticket which is One Day Pass, One Day Pass (Night) and Admission. The admission ticket is only to enter the amusement park, we cannot ride with this ticket so better buy the other two ticket. So, we bought One Day Pass (Night) as we arrived at 5pm in E-World. Here some tips, it is better to bu the night ticket as it is now busier than the morning. It is lucky for us because we don't have to queue to ride the play because there are fewer people in the evening and night.

The normal price for adult ticket night is 28 000 won. But, I purchase online through Seoul Pass website and it is cheaper than the real one which is 19 000 won only. Then, we redeem the online ticket at the Information counter in front of the E-World Gate. I really recommended to purchase online ticket using debit card as it easier and save our money. It also has molpoint transaction for Malaysian user.

We are waiting for the bus.

Ticket price.

The maps.

The roads.

Beautiful pathway.

The gift shops.

There is a Turkish ice-cream shop and cafe here.

Beautiful garden in E-World Daegu.

The young town plaza.

The first thing that we ride as soon as we enter the theme park is Flume Ride. In Flume Ride, we ride on a boat. Three people for each boat. Fizah, Anastacia and I altogether ride one boat. Minseon, Yejin, and Ping ride another boat. The boat will move slowly uphill in water and move faster when it went down to a slide. The water splash on us and we were all drenched..haha..

The Flume Ride.

Taking a selfie on the boat.

The next one is Viking ships. I had once ridden this before in Malaysia at I-city, Selangor. That time, I was 16 years old and I felt hurt in my chest when I ride this. So this time, I thought it does not happen again. But unfortunately, when I ride this in Daegu E-World, I felt the same. My chest felt so hurt but less hurt than before as I use some tricks. The trick or tips to ride this is we need to shout wholeheartedly so that air pressure can go in and out easily from our lungs.

Next, we ride roller coastal. There are three types roller coastal here which is Hurrican, Boomerang and The Camel Back. The Boomerang is most fun between those three as it has short time only and reverse-forward ride. But after the Camel Back ride, I felt dizzy and throw up in the toilet. But it does not stop me to try another ride..haha..

The Viking ships. I don't want to ride this again because each time I ride it,I felt hurt in my chest due to pressure.
We ride the Viking ships altogether.

Boomerang roller coastal.
The Camel Back roller coastal.

One of the craziest thing that I had ever try is The Mega Swing 360. The swing rotates 360 and it does not feel dizzy at all maybe my body had been adapting to the environment. This ride is really fun because it fell like you fly above to the sky. You can not miss this ride because of it worth riding. We can also the scenery of Daegu city and the theme park from above.

The Mega Swing 360.

We are flying!

Riding The Mega Sing 360 with girlfriends.

From left, Yejin, Fizah,Minseon and me after the ride.

As the night comes, the place becomes more beautiful with colorful light. Then, we try the Music Express. The ride is so fun as the ride was put on cool music such as Boom-Momoland and Bang Bang- Bigbang songs. The ride is more relax and chill.

The night scenery.

Best spot to take a picture.

The Music Express ride.

Taking picture with my Korean buddy, Yejin.

Our last ride is Sky Drop. 
Our last ride is The Sky Drop. This is another craziest thing I do in my life. It climbs up slowly and brought us to the top of the tower. We could see beautiful scenery night from the top. The city is like the star of a thousand. Then suddenly, it drops us down like crazy faster just like one second and I shouted like a mad girl. Luckily, we are alive. We ride this twice as it was so AMAZING!

I had so much fun in E-World Theme Park.

This is my first time to try these extreme activities such as ride roller coastal, the mega swing and the sky drop and it was an awesome experience. The E-World Daegu Theme Park leave me a memorable moment and wonderful memories and it feels more enjoyable as I can do it with my girlfriends.

Thank for reading!

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