17 January 2020

Menang Sayonara Stationery Giveaway by NiniHanini

Hai, selamat pagi.

Haritu ain ada join Sayonara Stationery Giveaway by NiniHanini. Dalam giveaway ni, kita perlu pilih salah satu pack untuk dimenangi iaitu sama ada Sayo Pack atau Nara Pack. So, I choose Sayo pack sebab I teringin untuk ada buku notebook The Snoring Cat dan colour pallette. Alhamdulillah, di akhir giveaway, ain telah dihubungi oleh Nini melalui emel sebagai pemenang Sayo Pack. Dan hadiah giveaway telah selamat sampai ke rumah. Jom kita unboxing parcel hadiah ni.

Hadiah dibungkus kemas dengan bubble wrap.

Ada cute note tentang homemade pallette.

This is how handmade palette looks like. Tak sabar nak guna.

Buku nota The Snoring Cat and cards.

Stickers in the envelope.

Dalam sampul atas nie semua ada cute stationery. 

The postcard, envelope, and sticky notes. The sticky note is also one of my wishlists to have.

I never expected that this collection will have so many things in a parcel and all look so cute. I really love it. As I was doing the unboxing, my little sister came and said she wants this and that. This envelope hers. The pallette hers. She wants those cards. And then I say to her, No all this is mine. Do not touch it. I need to take a pic first..haha..

Thank you NiniHanini for giving me such beautiful packaging with a lot of wonderful things and stationery. Insyaallah, I will use it nicely and make a beautiful craft. Can't wait to use it! Lastly, don't forget to visit her blog, NiniHanini and you guys can see that she is so creative and talented person. Her post and drawing doodle is so amazing!

Thanks for reading.