18 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Taekwondo Session

Hi, guys.

       In KNU summer camp, we had a Taekwondo session. The session is taught by students KNU itself. Eventhough, we already had Taekwondo in Malaysia, but learning this martial art in Korea is more fun and interesting. The place is at the basement stadium of Kyungpook National University. We get to kick and punch as much as we can. They also teach us some technique to defense our self At the end of the day, I am so tired..haha

Taekwondo session.

Taking picture after the session end.

Happy pils, happy girls.

That's all our evening activities. As we all already tired, we just want to go to eat dinner earlier that day because our energy was running low.

Thanks for reading!


  1. uwahhhhhh. i've always wanted to try taekwando but xde rezeki dulu because i was busy with some other sports. ray follow sini tau, salam kenal. #1131

  2. waaa pahlawan semua ni.. terbaik, jemput singgah blog sy juga ye.

  3. Awww after all that heavy activities, you guys sure is hungry due to energy depleted. But it's good to see everyone coming together and do fun activities.

  4. wahh rindunya nak main taekwondo, lama gila dah quit.


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