22 August 2019

KNU Summer Camp : Daegu City Tour

Assalammualaikum and hi guys.

In KNU summer program, we got a chance to tour Daegu city since our univeristy, Kyungpook National University is located at Daegu, Korea. Daegu Metropolitan City is the fourth-largest city after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. And the third-largest metropolitan area in the nation with over 2.5 million residents. There are a lot facilities, accomodation,malls and shop in this city.

The Daegu city.

We toured the city by bus. There so many attractions place in Daegu but we managed to discover only three places due to limited times. You know we only had evening time to do the outside activity because in the morning we had a Korean class. So, we explored three places which is Daegu city, Seomun market, and Daegu downtown.

1) Daegu City

Firstly, we toured the Daegu city. In this city, we stopped by at Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street and Daegu National Museum. The Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street is built to remember the talents of the late singer Kim Gwangseok Memorial. There is a bunch of stores and mural in the streets. There are also lots of cafes and expensive boutiques and also a small-ish indoor concert area. Meanwhile, in Daegu National Museum exhibit about the history of The National Debt Redemption Movement, on how the people sacrifice their money and gold to settle the country debt.

At the crossroad of the city.

The city is always full of cars.

The shops.

The signboard shows other places.

Me near with the roads.

2) Seomun market

Next, we were brought to Seomun market which is one of the largest traditional street market in Daegu, South Korea, containing more than 4,000 shops. Seomun Market is particularly known as a source for textiles and sewing services. I try kimbap and korean pancakes here. And it really delicious.

The Seomun market's front door.

We were given ice and peach water to quench our tasty during hot summer.

Inside of Seomun market.

It is famous for street foods.

Teokk-bokki, my favorite.

Our Korean buddy treats us kimbap.

There is also octopus sold here.

Famous fish but I do not know its name..haha

Selling fresh foods.

Korean peach fruit is so delicious.

3) Daegu Downtown

Lastly, we went to Daegu downtown for shopping clothes. Here, there are many brands shops such as Innisfree, Banila.com, The Face Shop, Olive&Young, and others. We come arrived here at night so we can enjoy the night view of busy city. One of the beautiful shops that attract my eyes is earing shop. The interior design are so pretty and shiny. But I do not but those earings because I did not wear it. But my friends do buy.

Fizah posing in the middle of Daegu downtown.

Lots of cars even at night.

The earing shops.

The interior design of this shop so pretty. I like it!

Must take pic in the middle of the street.

That's all my story. Thanks for reading.


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