31 July 2019

Review Restaurant New Saladin in Daegu, Korea

Assalamualaikum, everyone.

During my stay in Korea, I lived in a dorm at Hwangto-gwan dormitory at Kyungpook National University (KNU). The dormitory is really near with Global KNU building and with KNU north gate. So, in front of KNU north gate, there is a halal restaurant that cooked by Pakistan people. So, my buddys and I went there for lunch.

The New Saladin restaurant is on the third floor. We need to go upstairs.

You can see the KNU north gate from the restaurant. 

The interior design of the restaurant looks nice and comfortable for dining.

Here  I attach the menu included with the price :

The restaurant is famous for curry and Tandoori chicken. There are many Korean people come here to taste the curry. Some of them are staffs and teachers from KNU themselves. So, we had ordered rice, curry, and chicken. While we waited for the foods to arrive on our table, they gave salad for our appetizers. It's kinda cool.

 The rice curry had arrived! This all comes in a set for one person dining.

 Tandoori Chicken looks very delicious.


 Five of us lunch together!!

Me, Fizah, Yejin, Minseon and Chris had a great lunch at New Saladdin Restaurant!!

The owner is so kind. He gives me 500 won discounts because I short 500 won coin..haha.The foods are delicious. If you pursue study here or also had an exchange student program at Kyungpook National University, don't forget to stop by at this restaurant because they provided halal and delicious food. I wish if I come to Korea again next time, I want to try other menus in this restaurant. Lastly, I attach their business card where they had telephone number and the locations of the restaurant. That's all from me. Thanks for reading!!

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  2. haii syahirah... alaa.. ika tak minat curry hehe.. mesti best kan dapat tengok negara orang kan?

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