29 July 2019

Halal Friendly Muslim Foods That You Can Eat in Convenience Store, Korea

Assalammualaikum, everyone!!

I have been in South Korea for 20 days for Kyungpook National University Summer Camp!! I really had so much fun in Korea and now I want to share what foods can you buy if you guys stopped by at their convenience store. For your information, they had so many convenience stores that operated in the country. In Malaysia, we have 7-11, Family Mart and KK Super Mart. In Korea, they have GS25, 7-11, CU, Dongwoo Mart, emart24 and others.

1. Rice / Nasi

If you are Malaysian, of course, you can not live without eating rice in a day. Me too. The price is based on the size and they have the variant texture of rice. So do the price depends on the types of rice. The big cup cost 2500 won. And if you eat less, you can take the small cup which cost 1800 won only.

Price : 1800 won (small)
           2500 won (big)

2. Tuna

This Dong Won brand of Tuna you can eat without a doubt. There is two color, blue and red. Blue for light and original taste. Red is spicy. Buy it and have try!! I usually chose red one with labeled Hot Pepper Tuna. But mehh, doesn't spicy at all to me..

Tuna Price : 2800 won (small)
                    3600 won ( big)

3. Banana Milk

This is the first things that I bought when I arrived in Korea. Also the first things that I excited the most when stopped by at convenience store. Instead of banana milk, they had other flavors such as strawberry, coffee, vanilla and chocolate. They cost 1400 won per each. So cheap!!

Price : 1400 won

4. MELONA Ice-cream

MELONA is a melon-flavored ice pop manufactured by Binggrae Co. This item set the best selling record in the ice pop market in Korea and has remained one of the steadiest sellers. MELONA got halal certified by JAKIM(national halal certification body of Malaysia) March 2015 and has been exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong, Brasil, USA, Canada.

This Ice-cream comes with many flavours. You can eat melon, banana and mango flavors. I always buy ice-cream with melon flavors, the green one. It taste delicious. You can not miss to try this ice cream!!

Price : 1000 won each

To choose which one is the MELONA brands ice cream. Make sure there is korean words 메로나 in the ice-cream plastic like this :

5. Boiled Eggs

The eggs already boiled! You can ask the cashier for confirmation either the eggs had been boiled or not. I bought these eggs to eat with rice and kimchi.

Price : depend on the kinds of eggs you want to buy. Price range from 800 won to 4000 won.

6. Coffee

You can drink all the coffee in the convenience store. Just put hot water that provided in the store and drinks it while it still hot. Korean people love to drink coffee. They had so many coffee shop there. But not for me. I prefer bubble milk tea more..hehe..

Price : 1800 won to 2500 won each cup.

7. Milk

All brands milk from Maeil, you can drink it!! They had many flavors you can choose.

Maeil milk price : 1500 won each.

8. Kimchi

Kimchii from bibigo brands is halal! You can eat it with rice and boiled eggs.

Price : 1500 won

9. Pringles, the potato chips.

You can buy Pringles for your snack too.

Price : 1500 won (small)
            3300 won (big)

That's it! This is my dinner for today!! You can be full only eat this foods!! Thanks for reading. I hopes you guys had an enjoyable trip in Korea!!

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