About Me

Ain Syahirah

Hai, Assalammualaikum..

I am currently 19 years old in this 2016. Had already teenagers yeahh!! Working or not currently spend time peacefully at home and I really enjoyed it!!

Background Studying

Nama diberi Ain Syahirah. You can call me Ain! Saya lahir di negeri Sarawak tapi membesar dengan jaya nya di bumi Kelantan. Dan saya seratus peratus, 100% anak kelate because my mom and dad are Kelatanese. Yes! 100% percent can speake dialect kelate and I totally proud of it!! Lepas ni nak fluently speaking English UK pulak eh.

Me in pink colour yeah!!

I started learning in Tadika Pasti Gua Musang when I am 4. Then, 5 till 6 years old, studying in tadika Perpaduan Kampung Kundur. After that, my child journey begin from 7 till 12 years old which is I adventured my experience cause you know, our precious time is chlidren time. I get do silly moment, silly stuff, sneaking around do a lot disturbing. Yet, I also get bullied. hahaha..

Then, I continued study at Maahad Muhammadi Gua Musang till I am 17 years old. Here, I learned a lot about matured stuff, people that nagging around you cant do this, you should do this. Friends that advice a lot of kind stuff. Ustaz and Ustazah that kind to me. Someone that like to order me around, and truly I wanna slap his mouth..hahaha..nah! Im just joking.

And then, After the result SPM 10A, I am pursuie my study at UiTM Puncak Alam, Pusat Asasi for 1 semester. After that, Pusat Asasi were move on to UiTM Dengkil for second semester which is new place near with Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and near more with Shah Alam.

After complete this 1 year-pre-university, here I am at home spending time with my family which is my favourite places after all. weeeeeeeeeee!! #MuchLove

What I Love to

My favourite drink is fruit juice, I dont care what kind fruits, but it is importantly that is a good and nutritious for our body. But still I dont quite like Corn juice and tomato juice. Sumpah, tak suka!! wekk!! My favourite food is Chicken Chop!!! I like it the most!!

I also love doing experiment in lab with my group lab!!

How You Can Contact Me?

You can contact me throuh Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Surely, through Instagram is the fastest way I reply it. Do follow me :

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Instagram : @ainnsyahirah

Nice to see you and enjoys reading my blog :D